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Snowshoe Tours - Day time                                 

Whenever there are at least 8 inches of snow on the mountains, we can get out there and enjoy it in a unique and fun way.  Snowshoeing is a great winter activity - get out i
nto nature, get some good exercise, see places not normally accessible at this time, and literally see the natural world in a different light.   JTX snowshoe trips go on some of the same trails we hike and bike on during other seasons, and one more beauty of snowshoeing is that we can sometimes blaze our own trail that day!  Other fun times include navigating snowdrifts, trying to run and going up/down little hills.  For those who want a serious workout, climbs can be incorporated into a custom route.
Snowshoes, poles, waistpack, water & snacks are included on these trips.  Participants should wear winter boots (insulated & hopefully waterproof), snowpants if you have them, hat & gloves, and layered clothing that can be unzipped/unbuttoned if you get hot.

This tour is available daily and must start before 1pm to be sure we can finish by dark.


Prices are variable due to day of week and group size.  If you book online, the price will be calculated for you.  If you call to book, the (same) price will be told to you.


"I enjoyed learning techniques... snowshoeing is fun & exciting... I loved Trailblazing!"  A.M.  Northampton PA

** Note that although times are flexible, there is usually one tour given per day – the first reservation is what determines the day’s tour.  Call to find out what tour is going on a specific day, or if you’re planning ahead reserve the trip you want to take!  All tours are available "Weather Permitting..."

The world looks different with a white background!
We get into the woods, either on trails or 'bush-whacking.'
We get out in some open areas, going right on top of the snow-covered brush.
Breaking trail is a highlight of the trip
Sometimes we can get into some really pristine areas
Give me a 'J'... Give me a 'T'.... Give me an......
3+/- miles
4 hours

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Tour Features

  • Moderate Tour
  • Moderate Hiking
  • Views/Vista
  • History
  • Snack Included