SnowVentures - Snowshoe and Tubing Package

Fun in the snow, more ways than one!  Enjoy two days outdoors on the snow, in totally different activities that are both fun and somewhat unusual.  One day, you will enjoy a half-day JTX snowshoe tour complete with equipment, guide, instruction and even a snack.  This is the same tour that you see on the website under 'Hiking Tours' - an introduction to the sport and a great day out in nature.  We'll learn the basics and get out in the woods to test our new skills (don't worry - it's not that hard!) as we hike on trails and off into the woods.  As long as there's 6 inches or more of snow, we can go wherever the group desires.  Hopefully by the time you're done, you will have found a new sport to get you through the winter.
The other day of your visit to the area, take a ride over to Blue Mountain and enjoy their tubing park - a whole different kind of fun on the snow.  Blue Mt. offers about TWENTY (!) tubing runs that you can take individually or as a group, during your three-to-four-hour session.  Speeding down the frozen chutes with no brakes is a thrill ride you'll enjoy over and over, and they even make it easy for you to get back to the top - there's a 'magic carpet' and also a towing machine so you save your energy for the fun part! 
In this combination tour, you will be with a guide during the snowshoeing tour but the time at Blue Mountain will be on your own - the ticket is included in the price, but all transportation and food is on your own.  You will take the voucher to Blue Mountain and redeem it for a ticket for one of their 3- or 4-hour sessions (length depends on day of week).
This tour could be combined into a one-day event, if so desired, however it should be noted that doing all this activity in one day would be a BIG day!  Not that it can't be done, but it would wear you out!  Best to do one activity one day, and the other on the following day.
** Note that although this tour is available certain days, there is one tour given per day - it may not be this one: the first reservation is what determines the day’s tour. Call to find out what tour is going on a specific day, or if you’re planning ahead, reserve the trip you want to take!  Snowshoe Tours are 'Weather Permitting'...

Getting ready to go enjoy some fresh powder!
Blue Mountain's Snow Tubing park is hundreds of feet of thrills!
Snowshoeing is a great way to get out in Nature in the Winter.
Zipping along a tubing run - this is high speed fun!
Breaking Trail is a fun part of the snowshoe experience!
2-3 Miles
$80/weekdays; $85/weekends
6-8 hrs (in 2 days)

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Tour Features

  • Moderate Tour
  • Moderate Hiking
  • Walking
  • Views/Vista
  • Admission Included
  • Snack Included