Switchback Ride & Mining


Coal mining is an important aspect of this area’s history and culture, and this well-rounded tour gets at the best and worst of the subject. Go 1600’ into a mountainside coal mine, visit miner’s cemeteries and discuss the discovery of anthracite, then ride the Switchback Gravity Railroad, stopping for historic discussion on the way. Lunch lakeside and discuss local ecological issues. Finish the bike ride with more Switchback stories, and end the day with a tour of the Old Jail Museum while learning the legend of the Molly Maguires. Enjoy a great day out, get a good feel for the history of the area, and finish up around 3:30 so you still have time to go shopping or relax a bit before dinner.


"(JTX) knowledge of the area, the secret spots off the tourist maps, gave us a view of Jim Thorpe few may see, and photos we will treasure" KD - SE PA

"a good mix of history and activity!" FM - SE PA


If you need a rental bike, JTX can arrange it - just be sure to ask about it when you call for reservations.


** Note that although this tour is available certain days, there is one tour given per day - it may not be this one: the first reservation is what determines the day’s tour. Call to find out what tour is going on a specific day, or if you’re planning ahead, reserve the trip you want to take!

Mining Day starts with a trip into the mountainside.
Riding to the Ginder Monument in Summit Hill just before hitting the trail.
Enjoying some easy pedaling on the beautiful Switchback Trail
The Switchback gets a little narrow in some places.
Riding through a pristine environment, although it wasn't always that way...
We finish the day at the Old Jail Museum for a tour, learning the legend of the Molly Maguires.
10 Miles
$65 per person
6 Hours

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Tour Features

  • Moderate Tour
  • Moderate Biking
  • Views/Vista
  • History
  • Shuttle Provided
  • Admission Included
  • Lunch Included
  • Bring Your Own Bike