Testimonials (about many different JTX tours)

“[The JTX tour was] a great way to spend the day, get to see beautiful landscape, learn about the history – in a low key way…” RS – Long Island

“It was nice to go on a tour with someone who really appreciates their hometown…” B & J – Gettysburg

“[my favorite part was] the mountain bike ride… [the JTX tour was a] good mix of history & activity…” SH – West Chester PA

“[the JTX tour was] a must-do event – a perfect way to spend the day, learn about the area, and enjoy some outdoor activity. Thank You!…” JC & KR – Silver Spring, MD

“[the JTX tour was] a very good mix of history and scenery…” TB – Buffalo

“[the most interesting part was] learning about the evolution of industry… [the JTX tour was] fun & informative” RD – Long Island

“[we] want to thank you again for such a great time in Jim Thorpe. We loved every minute of your tour and learned so much. Both of us have been bragging about how nice it was to our friends…” CZ & KG – SE PA

“[the level of activity was] just right, it varied as we wanted… and we saw things that we definitely would have missed without you…” RS – Long Island

“[my favorite part was] the personal side to it… [the most interesting part was] the history of the town itself – coal mining industry” AB – Buffalo