JTX Services

JTX Tours had formerly offered hiking, biking, historic tours, walking tours, bus tours and more. In the Spring of 2019, skiing injuries are forcing curtailment of some of the activities, so this Summer JTX will offer guided tours to Bus Groups and Highlight tours for small to mid-size groups (3-10 people, in addition to the Historic Downtown Walking Tours. Sorry that the more dangerous adventures cannot be accommodated this year. If the body heals, maybe next Summer the old ‘menu’ of adventure tours can be offered again…

A nice un-adventurous tour with the Red Hatters on a beautiful late-Spring day.
Stone Row from Broadway – there are all kinds of little views that a JTX Tour will point out
The JTX Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Jim Thorpe is a great way to learn local history and architecture, as well as get recommendations on things to do while you’re in town.