The idea behind the Jim Thorpe eXperience – JTX – was hatched in 2002, when Tom moved to the beautiful, historic town of Jim Thorpe with his soon-to-be wife, Michelle. For years he had been visiting this area to ride its amazing mountain bike trails with friends who had the all-important ‘local knowledge.’ During their cross-country journeys of 2000-2001, Tom & Michelle decided to open a lodging establishment catering to adventurers and travelers, and they would do it any place that they could find – all across the country – that was better than Jim Thorpe, PA. 55,000 miles later, they returned to PA and started planning the move to the Poconos… that’s right: in all their 13 months of traveling, no other place had impressed them more than Jim Thorpe!

It took a while, but Mary’s Guesthouse (www.marysjimthorpe.com) was born in 2004, and so was the plan for JTX, which was revisited over the years as our knowledge and love of the area grew. Many things happened in between 2002 and 2008, but finally a series of conversations with fellow adventurer Shawn really solidified the idea that people need this service! We started the JTX to help Jim Thorpe visitors dig deeper into the history and culture of this incredible area, while also helping you have a great adventure suited to your ability and in your time frame. You could go anywhere, but you choose Jim Thorpe and the western Poconos because there is so much here, on so many levels – the JTX helps you make the most of your visit.

Our guests get a well-rounded experience with the adventures put into context: we are riding or hiking trails; we are seeing beautiful natural and man-made sights; we are floating down a wild river; these are all true, but we are also moving through history, a unique and intriguing mix of stories that have contributed to the area’s reputation and appeal. With JTX, you’ll get the whole picture, and you won’t get lost while enjoying it all.

Living here for fifteen years has helped us put together great combinations of adventures and historic site visits to give you a distinctive look at a fascinating area through its history and culture. We believe that to get the best of the area you have to get out in the woods, you have to walk or ride on these trails, get the views of the mountains and lakes, but also look closely at the rocks and dirt, trees and shrubs, and even the barren areas. There are stories in all of this, as we’ve learned over the years, and we will help you put it all together in a matter of hours or days. Our discussion involves many stories we’ve learned by reading local history, but also talking to long-time residents: we give you the facts, but we also tell you the legends. Are all the stories true? Well, maybe some have been embellished over the past hundred-fifty years, but this is what makes the culture so unique!

Our guides have a love for the area that shines through on the tours, and offer a different perspective on the history and adventure of the area. We are experienced at leading small and medium-sized groups on these adventures, and are experienced bicycle mechanics, too, plus we have wilderness First Aid and CPR training, just in case. JTX has helped hundreds of visitors to enjoy their time in Jim Thorpe and the western Poconos, by offering a combination of activities and interpretation that shows you the best of the area.

But it is our love of this area, a place to which we each came to live, which will help you get the most out of your visit. Just as Tom relied on a friend for ‘local knowledge’ of the trails around Jim Thorpe, now you can enjoy that local knowledge, too, by going with JTX!